Luge is a fast-moving, exciting sport. Athletes drive a specially designed sled in a flat position, lying on their backs, feet-first. They speed around high banked curves and can reach speeds over 100km/hr during training.

The Calgary Luge Club supports developing luge athletes. Ranging in age from 8 to the senior team, young Calgary Luge Club athletes train at Winsport Canada’s Calgary Olympic Luge track.

Luge is an international sport with members from more than 50 countries. International luge competitions include Olympic Winter Games, World Championship, Junior World Championship, European Championships, World Cup, Junior World Cup, Challenge Cups and Team Competitions.

Luge athletes compete in Men’s (singles), Women’s (singles), Doubles, and Team Relay events.

For more information on luge worldwide:

 International Luge Federation (FIL).

 Experience an athlete’s view of the Calgary Olympic luge track: